How to split up my db to allow partial web anonymous access?

Discussion created by wimmmmm on Apr 12, 2017
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I'm making a student organization db for a music school, with

  • students,
  • teachers,
  • subscriptions to classes,
  • payment info

and such.


This is to be the backoffice for this music school, they will use Filemaker, Filemaker Go and a bit web access to manage all this data.

All teachers will have their own account & will log in.


Now, ideally we'd like for all students (new & existing) to fill out some forms, to apply for new classes.

They don't really need a student account, they will subscribe just twice a year.

We already have an operational site. I expect to add some URLs to these pages, to point to the correct forms with no visible transitional glitches.


My main question is: should I split up my db into a backoffice part & a public website part, for ease of access management? Or should I keep it all in one large db? I'm inclined to split it up, but right now I stumble into rights problems:

  • The forms on the website will use backoffice Value Lists (names of teachers, instruments etc), and will post data into a backoffice table for further treatment. (I can't seem to grant access to the anonymous users to see this Value list)


What would you advise?