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    Webdirect & URLs parameter passing: not really working?


      I have a db Formulieren, published on a FMS 15, with Webdirect enabled.

      The db has a general "Launch" script:


      Set Variable [ $Getparams ; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

      Show Custom Dialog [ "Params" ; "Supplied params are " & $GETparams & ". Specific param instrument: " & $instrument ]



      In my HTML page, I put the link:

      <a href="http://<host name>/fmi/webd#Formulieren?script=Launch&instrument=Drums">Do it</a>



      • browser goes to the Filemaker db
      • opens up the script
      • launches the dialog box, saying: "Supplied params are " & $GETparams & ". Specific param instrument:"


      So both variables are just empty.


      What am i missing here? Can someone share an example of a working URL with parameters being passed into a script?