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Problem with external datasource & script call to it

Question asked by justinc on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by justinc

I have a solution that uses a Startup script to run a bunch of stuff when the file first opens.  Inside this script is a 'perform script()' step that references an external file - a file hosted on a different server.  This normally works just fine - it has been replicated and used by many different clients (each client gets a copy of the solution for themselves).


This script in the remote file is used to ensure that plugins are installed.


I ran into an issue today, however, where this 'perform script()' call was failing.  When I opened the Startup script in this client's file, the script step said :   "perform script (unknown) ...  [file not open]"


Stepping through this startup script while opening the file would generate an error when it hit this step - it did not open the file referenced.  Under the Window -> Show Window menu there was no entry for this referenced file.  I checked the server logs on the remote machine (the target of the script call) and didn't find any entries about a login from this file failing to authenticate.


I checked the external data source (EDS) that this step was supposed to be referencing - it appeared to be properly defined.  I even recreated the file reference by selecting 'Add file' -> 'Remote' -> (pick the server) -> pick the file.  The resulting string looked exactly like the string that was already there.  (I did NOT save these changes to the EDS.)


If I went to the broken script step and re-chose the EDS and the script, then it appeared correctly defined - that is, it didn't say "perform script (unknown) ...  [file not open]" anymore.  But I didn't save that change either...


I copied that same script step from our development file and pasted them into the broken file's Startup script.  This script step resolved correctly.  I DID save this step, commented out the broken step, and relogged in again, stepping through in debugger.  The new script step showed up correctly and executed the remote script correctly.  I had the client try it again and everything was working correctly for them now.


Does anyone have an idea as to what happened to the original script step?  Why it apparently lost the reference to this remote file?


The remote server is FMS13, the source server is FMS14.