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    FileMaker Tutorial Video for Beginners


      Hey guys,


      My 2017 resolution is to learn video editing & run a youtube channel. As a FileMaker developer, naturally I make videos about the one of the few things I am good at, FileMaker.


      Thought this would be a way to give back to the forum, as I have been getting help from alot of people here (special thanks to PhilModJunk, Mike Beargie & Beverly who helped me tons of times!) without contributing much myself over the years.


      These videos are aimed for beginners who are brand new to using FileMaker Pro. It covers a lot of basic features and some entry-level scripting. Most of these are what I personally feel would be easy to learn and gives good return in when starting out (at least they were for me).

      Here are individual episode’s link (latest to oldest):


      #5 - PDF/Printable document (a bit of script)

      #4 - Subsummary & summary field

      #3 - Conditional formatting

      #2 - Simple portal & relationship

      #1 - Basic find & sort + script

      #0 - Loop script


      Overall channel link


      Trying to post at least once a week, probably going to ran out of idea very soon so would love to hear your opinion & ideas!

      Let me know what you think