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    Link two records in a table?


      Surely there's an easier way to create a hyperlink, using text, maybe, within a filemaker record?

      Is that possible?

      I looked up the info in the Filemaker material, and it was incomprehensible to me.

      I can't do scripting or, at this point, calculation fields, which is what it requires. Just a simple hyperlink. Much less complex software will allow it.

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          If you can't do scripting or calculation fields, you won't be able to do much of anything with a FileMaker solution.

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            In that case can you suggest any Filemaker made Easy text I can read? Filemaker documentation presumes you already know how to do those things.

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              If there is a local Filemaker Users Group, that might be your best start...show up, get along, and ask who is willing to give a newcomer a "newbie tutorial" over lunch on you.


              In my experience, two things:

              1. Filemaker folks tend to be a pretty friendly lot (they're here giving out free advice everyday too)


              2. Understanding the very basics like Table vs. Field vs. Layout vs. Table Occurrence vs. Script vs. Calculation can be had in an hour.


              ....it's the how to use them together best that takes the rest of your life...and you can build great solutions along the way (among the horrible ones you don't tell anyone about).

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                There are training videos available, both Lynda.com and free ones on You Tube. There is the FileMaker Training Series. Other third party books are available if you web search for them. Which will work best for you depends on what you bring to the learning process. Not everyone has the same set of "prior knowledge" and not all learn from the same teaching methods equally. You'll have to test drive them a bit and see what works.


                Learning | FileMaker


                Is one place where you can get started checking out some of your options.

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