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Question asked by davebb on Apr 12, 2017
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I am not a developer so this issue may have a simple answer but the question leading up to it requires some explanation:


I do online sign ups for sports classes.  Each class has it’s own sign-up form, info for which is stored in its own file which I can export.  Typical info - name, address, email, phone, payment amount, and I already know the class since the file itself represents only that class.  Currently, I manually enter this info into my fm database where I attach the student to the class.  (I have class “tags” in the database for every class offered online).  I plan to have a developer set up a way for me to import the online files and attach each student to their class automatically.  These imports would be initiated manually.  I think that this initial process can be done and is not the direct topic of this writing.  It is related though.


The process I anticipate will involve having to do more than one import for the same online file simply because I need to get the info into the computer by certain dates, and inevitably people still sign up after those dates, so I have to re-import the file a week or two later to catch the late sign ups.



1) When I do the second import, can filmmaker identify and add ONLY the late sign ups into the database (and attache the associated class)?  Keep in mind that a student name might already be in the database from a past class.


2) After the first import, I would create and print a report of the list of students for the class.  After the second import, I would need to create and print a report of ONLY the late sign-ups for that class.  Can this be done?


3) Does the fact that I have multiple classes (multiple files to import) affect the database’s ability to do this?


Currently using FM10 but willing to upgrade if necessary.  Please respond in layman terms best you can.

Thanks, Dave