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    Using server from cloud


      Where would I find profesional developer's discussions re FM cloud. Such as pro's , con's , unhappy issues , happy experiances , etc.

      Is it in its infancy and needs to be perfected before adopting that particular platform? Meaning is it best to continue with conventional

      hardware using FM server?  THANKS!!!

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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker have just asked FBA Platinum member to have meetings to discuss FM Cloud, so locate your local sales person for FileMaker and ask where closest meeting might be

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            Or you could just call an Filemaker business alliance member and ask them about hosting if you don't want to wait for a meeting.

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              EKZ wrote:


              Meaning is it best to continue with conventional

              hardware using FM server?


              Can you explain a bit what is driving your question?  The choice to use FileMaker Cloud or not is not a choice of FM Cloud vs. conventional hardware, so this last question could reveal some confusion around that.


              The opposite of conventional hardware are virtual machines.  VMs are pretty much the norm these days in many organizations and all FM products run well on VMs.


              The opposite of cloud is on-premise and that can apply to both conventional hardware or VMs.


              FileMaker cloud is a mini-version of the full FileMaker Server.  It runs on an AWS EC2 instance.  So it is a cloud virtual machine.


              So is your question about conventional hardware vs virtual machines?  Or about cloud vs. on-premise deployments?

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                wimdecorte wrote:


                and all FM products run well on VMs.

                Just to clarify: subject to bandwidth, complexity, data size, etc.

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                  Let's not muddy the waters; those considerations apply equally to a physical server and its network deployment.

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                    I suggest we agree to disagree on that one Wim, VM within a network yes I agree. VM over the Internet, no way.

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                      Happy to agree to disagree, but I guess I just don't understand.


                      a VM over the internet is going to be slower than a VM on a LAN, that's a given.  But the same is true for a physical server over the internet vs. one on the LAN so I don't see why that makes a VM different than a physical server.  Or perhaps I misunderstood your qualification.

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                        Hi Wim


                        The OP's header was 'Using server from cloud' hence keeping within those parameters.


                        Kind regards



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                          Mike Duncan

                          I would say that bandwidth, complexity, data size are all separate considerations. How FM Products perform on VMs is not dependent on any of those, but your solution definitely does.

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                            I assume you are referring to the Filemaker / AWS offering where you can spin up a FM Server instance in AWS. Here is a link to the page. It looks like a relatively new AWS Marketplace item so there may not be a lot of feedback on it yet. Consider the cost of the yearly license as well as the cost of the storage, network and EC2 compute you will need. It may end up running hundreds of dollars per month when scaled up for production. Here is a link to the page, you can test it yourself with a 15 day trial. Spin up an instance and upload your solution to test it out.


                            AWS Marketplace: FileMaker Cloud (10 users)


                            Here is an excerpt of what is on the AWS site:


                            FileMaker Cloud provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps in the cloud -- all without the administrative hassle. Get the simplicity and performance you've come to expect from the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a server. With FileMaker Cloud you'll get low cost of entry, speedy deployment, minimal administrative overhead, instant scalability, and more. You'll be up and running in 20 minutes or less since no hardware or software needs to be installed and set up. Monitoring, OS updates, and software patches are all automatic. Plus, you can quickly scale up for fast-paced growth or easily scale down after seasonal demand periods. Get started with FileMaker Cloud today with a 15-day software trial. FileMaker Cloud supports a minimum of FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 and FileMaker Go 15.0.2. Available in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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                            • Available on AWS Marketplace Since: 03/06/2017