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    Certificat FMS




      I have a domain name hosting by the company where I bought de domain name.

      I bought a certificat at Go Daddy (recommended by FM).


      Now I can't make this certificat working because the FMS and the url of my domain is not the same IP address.

      The hosting company does not have a solution for me to change the IP address. Grrr!

      I would like to re-start from scratch. I need anyway a new domain name.

      Could you explain me what I have to do? The purpose is to have a web server with some FM Web Direct pages.

      Everything concerning FM must be secure.

      FMS 14 is running on OSX locally.

      I still have a Mac OS server (not used now) that I can eventually install on the Mac if necessary.

      Do you recommend to host my domain name on the same machine or is there a solution (maybe with sub-domain) to host it somewhere else (provider)?

      The purpose is to have the most simple solution. More simple works better.


      Thanks for your help


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          Johan Hedman

          You can go to GoDaddy and change your domain with some support from there help desk

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            Jason Wood

            Sounds like you have a web site hosted off site on mydomain.com / www.mydomain.com


            You bought an SSL for mydomain.com


            Now you can't install it on your on-site FMS because mydomain.com doesn't point to it.


            So I believe all you have to do is go to your domain registrar or hosting provider (whichever is hosting your zone file), which sounds like it might be the same for you, and setup an additional "A" record to create a subdomain (look for "manage DNS" or "Edit Zone File") i.e.: fms.mydomain.com and point that to the public IP of your FMS.


            Then, using GoDaddy, revoke the SSL and reissue it for the correct domain (fms.mydomain.com)