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Discussion created by bkaisin on Apr 12, 2017
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I have a domain name hosting by the company where I bought de domain name.

I bought a certificat at Go Daddy (recommended by FM).


Now I can't make this certificat working because the FMS and the url of my domain is not the same IP address.

The hosting company does not have a solution for me to change the IP address. Grrr!

I would like to re-start from scratch. I need anyway a new domain name.

Could you explain me what I have to do? The purpose is to have a web server with some FM Web Direct pages.

Everything concerning FM must be secure.

FMS 14 is running on OSX locally.

I still have a Mac OS server (not used now) that I can eventually install on the Mac if necessary.

Do you recommend to host my domain name on the same machine or is there a solution (maybe with sub-domain) to host it somewhere else (provider)?

The purpose is to have the most simple solution. More simple works better.


Thanks for your help