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    Automatically Open Sharing in an Exported Filemaker DB


      I have a Script that Finds a Set of Records and Export them as a Filemaker DB then Opens the file, Works Great. How Can I have this File Shared so I can Share it with FMPGO Users?

      There is an Open Sharing script step, but that Only Opens the Settings Box, I want no User involvement.

      Is there a Script Step I am Missing or Is there another method. Automator maybe? AppleScript?


      Thanx in Advance

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          Johan Hedman

          You can not automatically open a FileMaker database on FileMaker Server with native FileMaker Scripts. FileMaker Server needs the database to have Security correct, enabled for FM Go and a few other things. You also need set the correct permissions to the file for FileMaker Server to be able to share it.


          If you do not use FileMaker Server and just share over file sharing, then you should go to FileMaker Server at step 1, because it gives you so many advantages.


          But I do not think it is either a secure or smart way to share your data. Much better they you build a stand alone solution where you share you data to your users. Here are list of step your should read carefully before you start building a FM Go solution

          FileMaker Go 15 Development Guide