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    Portal Field: Does Not Display


      I have two layouts that are used to confirm pricing, the first layout uses;


      • Orders_tbl table occurances (TO) and a second relationship TO that's Orders_tbl and LineItems_tbl,
      • The second layout uses LineItems_tbl (TO) and a relationship TO that's Confirmed_tbl.

      The records from LineItems_tbl are displayed in both layout portals, my issue or problem is one of three pricing fields does not showup in the second layout.


      As I navigate from one layout to the other I use Data View to monitor three pricing fields. The three fields display data in Data Viewer but when I move to the second layout only data for two fields is displayed.

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          That's as clear as mud, I'm afraid and my crystal ball is once again busy undergoing a security upgrade....


          Care to post a screen shot of your relationships graph?


          Can you tell us in what table you have defined those pricing fields that don't show where they should?


          And I don't get why the layouts you describe would both have portals to LIne Items as it seems one layout is based on line items from how you describe it. Please identify exactly which table occurrence is specified in layout set up on each layout and in portal setup for each portal.


          Data problems

          Relationship problems

          Portal filter problems

          Other layout design problems

          Context problems


          Might all keep a field from displaying data in a portal row.

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            There are two relationship table occurances that are used in the portals.


            • TO1_orders_LineItems||_pkOrderID  -- (Orders_tbl, LineItems_tbl  relationship:OrderID), used in the first Layout-1
            • TO1b1_orders_Confirmed||_pkUniqueID  -- (LineItems_tbl, Confirmed_tbl relationship:UniqueID), used in the second Layout-2


            The LineItem_tbl table occurance contains the three pricing fields Freight, Freight2, Surfacing.


            The three pricing values are input on Layout-1 and only viewed on Layout-2, Freight, Freight2 values showup in Layout-2 but Surfacing does not.

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              Simply posting a screen shot of your relationships graph would be easier to follow. You still haven't clearly named each table occurrence used in the relevant relationships and that makes communication prone to misunderstandings.


              Here's how I read your last post. Let me know if any corrections are needed:


              TO1_orders_LineItems||_pkOrderID  = LineItems_tbl::OrderID (or maybe _fkOrderID)

              Layout 1 specifies TO1_orders_LineItems||_pkOrderID in layout setup

              The portal on Layout 1 specifies LineItems_tbl


              TO1b1_orders_Confirmed||_pkUniqueID  = LineItems_tbl 2::UniqueID (or maybe _fkUniqueID

              Layout 2 specifies TO1b1_orders_Confirmed||_pkUniqueID in layout setup

              The portal on layout 2 specifies LineItems_tbl 2.


              Since I can't see the actual table occurrence names of line items table on which you have based your portal, I have made up names for them and am assuming that the two line items occurrences are not one and the same occurrence and thus have different names. This is a guess on my part based on the apparent Anchor_buoy style naming conventions used for the layout's table occurrences. But guesses can be wrong, so let me know if I am.


              There are two common sources of trouble that might explain why Surfacing does not display data on Layout 2:

              1. You may have selected Surfacing from the wrong occurrence of LineItems. In the above sketch of your relationships, maybe you selected LineItems_tbl instead of LineItems_tbl 2 when adding this field to the portal row. You can select the field while in layout mode and check the "display data from" box in the Inspector's data tab to see what table occurrence has been specified for the field.
              2. You may have accidentally placed the field so that it is not actually "owned" by the portal and instead floats above or below the portal layout object. This can happen if you drop the field object on your layout but outside the portal and then use the Inspector's alignment tools to position the field object where you want it. A simple test to confirm this is to drag the portal a few pixels. All layout objects (fields, buttons, etc) that are "owned" by the portal will move when the portal moves. If the Surfacing field does not move, drag it away from the portal, release the mouse button and then drag it back, being careful not to let go of the mouse button until the field is fully inside the borders of the portal row.


              These are just guesses of the two most likely reasons as I see it. Other reasons are also possible.

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                I appologize if you didn't get the attached screenshoot in my last reply, so I'm sending it again.


                Layout1 - TO1Orders

                Layout1 Portal - TO1_orders_LineItems||_pkOrderID

                Relationship key - (OrderID)


                Layout2 - TO1_orders_LineItems||_pkOrderID

                Layout2 Portal - TO1b1_orders_Confirmed||_pkUniqueID

                Relationship key - (UniqueID)


                I have verified that both of the common sources of trouble are not the problem.