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FM Cloud DB Closing after Automatic Maintainance

Question asked by bradduncan on Apr 13, 2017
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Firstly, I want to say hello to everyone! This is my first post, and I'm truly excited to contribute to this community!


Our team have just switch over our People Tracking system over to FileMaker Cloud. We are running it on AWS, and it's working brilliantly; except one thing...


At night, when maintenance runs on the server, the FM DB closes, requiring me to have to access the admin panel and manually open the db. So I have a few of questions!


1) Is the DB closing during/after maintenance expected behavior?

2) Is there a way to manually run maintenance on FM Cloud, supposed to having it set to automatically run (causing the DB to close)?

3) Is there a way to get the DB to open automatically after maintenance?


Thank you in advance! My apologizes for my first post here to be a question!!!