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Trying to convert FM solution to iOS app using Xcode?

Question asked by kncues on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by kncues

I've been using Filemaker Pro for almost 20 years, (since version 3) and love it, and currently using FM Pro 15.  I've also been using Filemaker Go to run solutions on iOS devices and that also has been working perfectly.  My problem now is that I would like to convert solutions into iOS apps using Xcode.  I've gone through all of  the documentation and it's not making any sense to me at all.  The how to step by step documentation is nothing like what I'm seeing on my screen.  It keeps referring to the iOS App SDK application which I believe is built into Xcode now??  Anyway, I think that's why I'm having trouble.  I get lost at the point of installing iOS App SDK on the step by step how to because it's no longer part of the setup??  Anyway, I guess my question is this.  Is there documentation for Xcode Version 8.3.1, which is the latest version??  It seems to be different than the instructions that I have in front of me from Filemaker.  Sorry, I'm getting frustrated and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.