Another startup issue with FMPA

Discussion created by Menno on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2017 by Markus Schneider

Even after emptying the DBCache-folder it takes a minute or even more to start FileMaker when I have a VPN-connection to my customer. When I quit FMP, disconnect the VPN and start FMPA: FMPA takes about 9 seconds to startup and show the Launch-Center


Then I quit FMPA again, open the VPN-connection (then wait a few seconds) and start FMPA, now it takes more then a full minute to see the Launch Center appear.


Leaving the DBCache as it is or deleting it, does not make any difference here. Anyone any ideas?


(BTW I am aware the an almost identical topic already exists, but that one is marked as resolved by that one's OP, hence the new topic)