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    Another startup issue with FMPA


      Even after emptying the DBCache-folder it takes a minute or even more to start FileMaker when I have a VPN-connection to my customer. When I quit FMP, disconnect the VPN and start FMPA: FMPA takes about 9 seconds to startup and show the Launch-Center


      Then I quit FMPA again, open the VPN-connection (then wait a few seconds) and start FMPA, now it takes more then a full minute to see the Launch Center appear.


      Leaving the DBCache as it is or deleting it, does not make any difference here. Anyone any ideas?


      (BTW I am aware the an almost identical topic already exists, but that one is marked as resolved by that one's OP, hence the new topic)

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          Could this delay be due to the FileMaker 15 automatic software update check and being delayed/confused by the difference in networking?



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            Thanks for this suggestion, but unfortunately that is not the solution. Both the options for checking for new versions are not activated.


            However I discovered an odd thing:

            I have installed a test-version of FileMaker and that has settings that are not possible in FMPA15. For example in the test version I had set a cache of 2048MB, because when importing data, the bigger the cache the better the performance.

            When I opened the third settings tab there was 2048 Mb set where normally only 512 Mb is possible.


            So I wonder if there are other settings specific for a testversion of FMPA that are "illegal" in FMPA15, that cause this behaviour?

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              we do not discuss the "next" here.


              Beyond that, storing a reference to a DB only available when VPNing is a bad idea.


              Opening a client database via VPN should be your last resort, only on Sundays and for max 5 minutes.


              I only do it if I need to copy paste a new, complicated layout.


              If I need to transfer scripts, I use the free and wonderful Filemaker Clipboard Helper app from MBS, while being connected via remote desktop or TeamViewer.

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                I did not write I was trying to connect to any database using that active VPN connection, I only tried starting up FMPA 15, having that connection present.

                FileMaker is an important part of my business, but there's a little bit more in the world than just FM 


                I'll refrase my question: is it possble that just having an other version-number of FM installed (either previous or newer) can interfere with the correct functioning of the one you're trying to run?

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                  No.  With one caveat: if you install plugins for one version that don't go into that versions plugin folder you may affect the other version's behavior.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    I got every version of FM on my desktop machine starting with FM11, the latest versions are installed twice (one with, one without plugins; site licence here). No problems (I got the plugins in the corresponding app-folder) so far.

                    I got those older version because I support customer applications with the same version of FM that is used by the customer..


                    We're doing a lot of work via vpn - I don't have this delay


                    There are vpn-installations out there, that suffer stability/speed, others seem very stable/fast (fibre nerwork here). That said, I do structural work over Teamviewer or a similar method to avoid damage when a network drops...


                    Beside of the fact that it's Windows only, systems based on citrix, horizon, etc. are really good!

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                      Markus Schneider

                      I was wrong!


                      this afternoon, I started FM 15 on a laptop in a weak wifi. It tooks more than 60 second until the startcenter appeared. No vpn, just the wifi is weak in that corner of the building. The icon (OSX) jumps for about 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds until I could open a file


                      FM 14 jumps for a second or two, the start center pops up after 30 seconds, same laptop, same room


                      disabeling the wifi helps - FM15 jumps for about 5 seconds, after 12 seconds the startcenter is available. drives one crazy when trying to work on a local file



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                        I wonder what would show up if you did some wireshark captures during the startup, to see if it is trying to contact something.


                        Could it be that you are on the 'hosts' list in the launch center and it is trying to get a list of files from that host and that host is not available?

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                          Markus Schneider

                          Yes... FileMaker will show the last 'selection' - and here, it was a host that was in the same network, but the wifi is weak (up to not available)


                          No problem, when 'wired' (ethernet)