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Using a portal to reference other records in same table based on criteria

Question asked by velocitytino on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hello everyone. Bit of a Filemaker noob, so if this question has been answered elsewhere I'd appreciate some help.


I've got a filmmaker networking database made up of People, Films, Companies, and Events, and all of them are connected by many to many relationships through join tables (i.e. one person can have multiple roles in a Film, one person can be in multiple films, etc.) On each record, I have a checkbox that the user clicks to mark whether this is one of their "Goal" people (or companies, or films, etc.) What I want to do is have portal views on each record's layout that display whether they are connected to another record that has a checked box, and if so, how they are connected.


For sake of example, lets say I enter information for Michael Bay, Stephen Spielberg, and Megan Fox in 'people', then I enter information for Saving Private Ryan, Transformers, and Pearl Harbor in 'films', and I also enter information for 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and Dreamworks in 'companies'. Maybe I'm not too terribly crazy about Megan Fox, but I'd like to get to work with Spielberg and Bay. And maybe I'm more interested in working with Dreamworks than with Paramount and 20th Century, so I click the checkboxes for Spielberg, Bay, and Dreamworks in their respective records. If for some reason I know Megan Fox, I look at the portal on her record and I see that she is connected to Michael Bay because he directed Transformers, which she had a lead role in. And she is connected to Spielberg because he Executive Produced Transformers. She is also connected to Dreamworks because Dreamworks was one of the distributors for Transformers. So then if I want to contact any of these people/companies, I know that I can use my acquaintance with Megan as a starting point, and if she's nice she could even introduce us.


I've got this working about 75% of the way - the problem is that the portals end up referencing the same record that they're originating from. So if I look at Spielberg's record, instead of seeing that he worked with Michael Bay and Dreamworks for Transformers, I'll instead see that he worked on Transformers and Saving Private Ryan, which is information that already exists in another portal on the same layout. Is there a way to use portals in the way I'm describing? Is there a special relationship or filtering method that I have to use? I can attach screenshots if this needs to be clearer.