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    User Groups space


      There should be an easy to find discreet space in the discussions area (or elsewhere) to post local user group information, announce meetings, and links to user group homepages (Meetup, FMPug, etc...)

      I am trying to build membership for the Seattle group, and have started a Tacoma group.

      Seems to me that the Filemaker website should be a resource and tool to promote and expand the user base.

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          I agree. I'm actively working on it. If you lead a developer or user group and would like to help test this new space, please send me a message. Please reply to this thread if you have suggestions for what that space should look like.

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            Good to see this idea becoming a project.


            Possible uses:

            To share pre and post presentation resources

            To post pod cast links

            To collect suggestions for future meetings

            To coordinate rideshares to meetings that aren't strictly video conferences

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              My experience is that user groups are like snowflakes - no two are alike!  And that's great!  Having exposure on the Filemaker website will help build the community.  Many of us are part of the Meetup community,  Meetup makes it really easy to reach out to existing members.  It's not a great recruitment tool.  I would like the FM User group section do the following:

              1.  Provide an overview of the group.

              2.  Welcome folks to come check us out.

              3.  Meeting announcements.  (when, where, etc.)

              4.  Links to the User Group website (such as Meetup).

              5.  Provide email links for folks to ask questions about the group.

              I would prefer to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.  But that's just me.

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                Can we get a status update?  Thanks in advance.

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                  It's on the roadmap for FileMaker Community. Currently, planned for late 2017 or early 2018. There are a few other more pressing FileMaker Community improvements we need to accomplish before we build the user group infrastructure.


                  In the short term, I recommend you do what DIGFM does, and post your group announcements in the general discussion area (see this post for an example: DIGFM: LOgiCATOR (7/13/2017; Santa Clara, CA).