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Prevent calculation steps showing in calculated field

Question asked by scottlynch on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by jfletch

I would like to know how to prevent a calculation field from showing its stepped results before the calculation is actually completed.


For example and simplicity.


I have three fields. Field A, Field B and Field C (which is the calculation field).


I would like to subtract Field A from Field B and have the result show in field C.


As soon as I type the first value in Field A, the calculation obviously starts and shows a negative number in the calculation Field C.


I know i can use conditional formatting to change the appearance of negative figures, but in real time use I need to show negative numbers.


I would like Field C to remain empty or blank until the user commits the value in Field B, and then automatically show the calculated result.



Any help on the best way or best practice to achieve this would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks.