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    Re-entry of credientials required when file with restricted access is hosted on cloud?


      I am working on a project requiring synchronization between a local and a hosted file, and am using this reference as a guide: http://www.filemaker.com/de/solutions/ios/docs/fmi_guide_sync_en.pdf.


      Right now, I'm just trying to open the hosted file (B) from a local file (A). The accounts and logins that exist in A also exist in B. I have also authorized A to access B.


      When I work strictly locally, what happens makes sense. If I log into A as a regular user and run a script to open B, B opens with the permissions I've set for a regular user. If I log into A with full permissions and run the same script to open B, B opens with full permissions. In both cases, B opens without any re-entry of credentials.


      However, when I upload B to the server and modify the script to open the hosted version, the behavior is different, but only when I log into A as a regular user. In that case, when the script runs, the system requests the credentials for accessing B.


      Why does this happen, and is there a way around it? I'd really like A to be able to ping B "silently" for all authorized users.


      The online Help file says, "A file that you want to protect must be local; however, once you turn on protection, the file can be hosted remotely." I did set up the file access locally, and from this wording I would have thought it would work the same even after hosting the protected file.


      My apologies if I have missed something obvious. I'm fairly new to FileMaker and am especially new to multi-file solutions and working with files hosted on a server.