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    Hamachi VPNs to manage FileMaker Servers or something better...


      Hi All,

      We are taking over FileMaker Server maintenance from a consultant that is retiring. The consultant has been using Hamachi to establish VPNs to about 30 computers using a hub-spoke networks. (Hamachi allows you to set up different kinds of networks.)

      At the moment we are only trying to get set up to manage 2 FileMaker Server machines.

      As an added difficulty, we will not be getting much/any on-site support. At this point, one would start to think about hosting on AWS. Sadly that may not be an option for policy based reasons.

      I have not used Hamachi before and am trying to figure out if Hamachi is a good choice to use going forward and if so, how to take over the setup.

      We had a conference call with the consultant and the action plan was to set up smaller networks with no more than 5 computer each so that we could migrate the 2 computers over to our control.

      We proceeded to work with the consultant to set up the networks. No luck so far... The computers that we want to see are showing with red dots from the Himachi web site and grayed out from the desktop client.

      For any FileMaker project we try to have 2 kinds of connections:

      1. A screen share to the FileMaker Server...so that we can make the types of changes that are faster and safer to make when the FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server are on the same machine.
      2. A connection from our own developer machines over port 5003 (hopefully with a VPN in place) so that we can use tools that are installed on our local machines, for example http://www.dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM/family/developer.php

      Often the VPN is set up by the local IT team.

      This Hamachi set up that we are being presented with has got me thinking about whether I should get up to speed on Hamachi or get up to speed or something better.

      It is my understanding that Hamachi would install software on the FileMaker Server machine that we are connecting to..something that I try really hard to avoid.

      Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.


      Tony White

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          Johan Hedman

          Hi Tony! Taking over someone else hosting is a tough job and comes with many difficult task.


          1. I would setup a new environment to have 100% procent control of the computer I host on

          2. If documentation is not enough, that is a warning sign for me to not keep going that path

          3. All customers are willing to make changes as long as then have a chance to go down in price for a couple of months.

          4. Security is my main task for any hosting and if I am the person who have been setting up the environment then I know it would be secure and there for I can tell my customers that you have the best possible hosting partner.


          Good luck