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Calculating student progress with many assignments and attempts

Question asked by bdenne on Apr 14, 2017
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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my query!


I am a music teacher and I am trying to bring FileMaker into the teaching of my students in order to differentiate instruction and manage the data that is created.


Here is the challenge:


There are many students.

There are many assignments.

Students have many attempts at those assignments.

I need to find the highest score from all the attempts at each assignment and add them together so that the total reflects only the highest score from each assignment.



Billy does assignment 1 and gets 3 stars

Billy does assignment 2 and gets 4 stars

Billy does assignment 1 again and gets 5 stars


The total should be 9 stars (not 12).


How my database is currently structured:


Student table - contains names of students

Assignment table - contains lists of assignements

Performance table - acts as a join table for students and assignments.  Each performance record references a single student and a single assignment from the related tables and contains a score for that performance.


Attached is a graphic view of a layout that I created to display this data.  The label is associated with the student table and contains a portal that pulls from the assignment table and the performance table to display each performance attempt.


I would like to keep the record of each performance attempt, but only count the best ones toward each student's progress.




Challenges -


I am trying to get away from the flat file approach that I am using currently because of the number of students (450) and assignments (600) made the large (270,000 cell) spreadsheet unmanageable.  I am hoping to construct a solution that is easily scalable for numbers of students and assignments.


Thank you for any help you can provide!




Ben Denne