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    print labels to Zebra printer


      Hi, I have to print labels to a Zebra GK420t (continuous form) printer from a PC with File Maker 15.

      I need to do this at the registration desk of a conference, one label per participant, to stick on the badge.


      The Zebra printer is properly set up and is seen by FM.


      I've been using FM for many years but I'm having difficulties in getting the proper lay out.


      Where do I set the label size?

      And the distance between one label and the next?

      On the Zebra printer drive or in FM?

      I tried both with unsatisfactory results. I managed to print some labels but the text is not properly centered in the label.


      Thank you for your help!! !@

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          You need to create a new layout. Not sure if there is a built-in label measurement for your printer so you might want to use the custom option. There's a great image that show exactly how to measure your labels. Sometimes the custom measurements don't always work perfectly. In your case, you might need to tweak the size of the body part if the labels are drifting up or down as they are printed. Make the body part the same size as the label plus the space between labels. Good luck.

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            Thank you Jaymo! You're right, luck (and patience) is what I need.

            I already tried what you suggest.

            Apparently when I create a new lay-out the printer>label option does not work for the continuous form although I set the no. of columns as "1"

            The computer option seems to work better.

            I hope someone who has already done the same may give me further tips.

            Thank you again Jaymo for your help!!

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              Describe to us how it didn't work. What happened when you tried to print? A screen shot of the layout you create might also be helpful.

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                Are you printing from Mac or Windows?


                You'll need first to specify a custom page size--which is set outside of FileMaker and how you do it depends on the OS. Then, from within FileMaker, you select this custom size--presumably the size of a single badge coming out of the printer. You may also find that the printer driver already supplies the needed custom page size and then life gets simpler for you.


                From there, you go to the layout from which you will print these badges and a) enter layout mode, b) Use print set up to select the custom page size and correct orientation and c) Select "page breaks" from the View menu.


                You can then design your badge layout to fit within the vertical and horizontal page break lines.