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Stacking two fields ....?

Question asked by staywme on Apr 15, 2017
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I have two fields with revenue results. Sometimes its an AirBnB booking with $200 and sometimes its with $200

Because their is a difference in how taxes and commissions are calculated I have to have two Room Revenue fields. In my

overview layouts I used to (FM7) be able to overlay both these fields and on the browse and print it would show me only one result (the other field is always zero or better yet blank), but in FM15 this seems not to work.

I'm very bad with formulas, but can I create a third field and have a calculation that basically says: If zero amount in one of the two fields use the one that does have an amount. And how the hell do I do that ???? Thanks Experts

(I must have missed a lot of math classes when I was a ladd)