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Transfer SSL Certificate and Private key files from Mac server to windows server

Question asked by thiyagarajan on Apr 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by dburnham

Dear All


We have been using FileMaker Server in Mac mini for 6 months and now we migrated to windows server. We uninstalled everything and copied only "CStore( Related to SSL Certificate)" folder from Mac FileMaker Server Installation.


Then , I installed same installation and up and running our application. Now everything is working fine. Only the issue , windows filmmaker server setup now use default custom certificate. We already purchased custom SSL certificate for our domain using private key file which is generated through filmmaker server , Mac server installation.


But now, we uninstalled existing filmmaker server fro Mac machine and everything moved to windows server. But our domain account now redirects to current filemaker windows server. So , Domain is the same for SSL.


Only thing, We need to transfer existing "Custom SSL certificate and private key file " to new filemaker server installation in windows server.


I am thing not sure that we can copy custom signed ssl certificate and private key file from Mac machine and paste into "CStore" folder of current filemaker server installation path and then perform "Import certificate" action to import 2 existing files.


But this is not sure from my side will work?. Can anyone please tell me how I can transfer my ssl certificate and private key file to new installation in another machine please.