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    Create a POS.


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create a POS for a friend.

      The store is provide services, so no inventory is needed.

      The menu service consists about 60 services, and about 10 technicians.

      The menu service is look similar like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzkAhSxupGA


      I want the technician select his/her username before select the service buttons.

      Then those services and the username is popular in the register menu.

      Each button is designated with service name and a price.



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          You can use the Hide Objects function to hide the services from the user until they select their name.  And you could even use hide objects to hide more objects from say staff than say a manager.  It is in the inspector on the far right tab and it is just a boolean calculation.  What version of FM are you using?  Some older versions do not have the hide function. 

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            Filemaker 15 advanced.

            It isn't really need to hide the menu.

            I'm try to think how to scripting it.

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              You can script going to a new layout or you can use a slider, which often is a nice effect.  Once they put their name in, hit a button and the script slides to the next panel which has their service buttons. 

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                One script for 60 services?

                Can you give me some examples?

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                  60 different services should be 60 different records in a table of services from which you then select the services needed for a given sale.


                  No script at all is needed for managing the selection of services though sometimes a script can enhance that process.


                  Nearly any invoicing example can be used for what you describe. Except for inventory management, the sale of products or services is much the same.

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                    I think you talking about portal of a drop-down menu.

                    I don't want that.

                    I created the service names and prices in one table, but the menu button is on a different layout.

                    So, I'm try to write a script that link the buttons to the services/prices.

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                      Sorry but that is not the case.


                      The table listing every possible service can supply values to either a value list or a selection portal which can be used on any layout in your solution--though using a selection portal on a given layout requires a relationship set up for that purpose.