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Many to Many Relationships > Export to Spreadsheet

Question asked by mediteran on Apr 17, 2017
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Dear Community,


I haven't designed data bases in Filemaker for almost 20 years now. An actual project (initially a print publishing project) brought me back. I've already learned that many to many relationships need to be handled via a so-called "join table". So far, it's clear ;-)


The situation:


Travel documents are produced as booklets on demand. Every object (hotel, vacation rental, cruise) has its unique ID (about 700) . There is a choice of certain offers/actvities (about 60) which need to be assigned to every single object. Some of the objects will have just 2 offers, some of them 25.


I've got one table with the object data (there is much more data than described here), and another table with the offer/activity data (offer name, PDF file name).


I need to provide a lookup table with the file names of the related PDFs to the service company which is printing these booklets, so that they know which offers (PDFs) need to be printed for each individual object. This lookup table is in XLSX or CSV format.


If I use a portal within the "join table", the values from the portal fields are exported one underneath the other, i.e. in the same spreadsheet column:




What I need is that each value is placed in a separate column, i.e. in the same row as the object ID:




Does anybody have an idea how to get the desired result in the exported spreadsheet?


Thanks & cheers, Ralf