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    Failing Value List


      (I know you all are going to hate me on having this problem, again)

      I am having difficulties with a value list set again (Sorry). I used an tutorial file by 'Philmodjunk" which covered this exact thing, but I seem to be getting empty results (even when I match it to previous apps I have made). It looks 100%. I tried first with a separate relationship from the main core tree that my bid runs on first, but that did not work. Then I tried adding it as part of the main tree (if for some odd reason that would work, I had no hope it would).


      'Bid Equipment search' is the same table as 'Bid'




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          And on which occurrence is your layout based?


          It can help to think in terms of portals. If you can get a portal to list the values that you want in your conditional value list to appear on your layout, the same relationship and table occurrences can be used to set up that conditional value list.

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            It appears from your RD that the ALL equipment relationship is drawing from three fields. Try changing this relationship to just the ID field but changing it to a cartesian join ( X instead of = ) as that is a better way to make a relationship that shows all records.

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              I tried matching ID to ID only and using cartesion, and it just brings up every item instead of based on what has been selected.

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                To repeat:


                And on which occurrence is your layout based?


                The CONTEXT is key here.

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                  The layout is using the 'Bid' , and the value lists were based on the 'Bid Equipment Search'.


                  And, I have no idea what happened. But in the process of trying to set up these value lists, I somehow broke the Totals table to not work at all. (I applied the 'commit' piece you told me to, to the tab switch in the 'bid' layout). It has gone all over the place and I don't know how or why it broke. Totals doesn't even update when I click on the background anymore.


                  The 'Equipment' tab, at the bottom, contains the field locations for the value lists. I hope that the fact that I tried to 'neatly' separate the areas for easier access/reading, didn't screw it up.



                  I figure out the problem with the totals not working; but I do not know a solution (and still none with the value lists). It is not creating the Totals table like it used to. I made a test text field, and as soon as I populated it, everything in 'pricing' tab showed up as it should.

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                    The relationship linking Bid to Bid Equipment Search is the relationship that will control what values appear in your conditional value list.


                    And there is no direct link between these two table occurrences.


                    You have to think about this like you are setting up a portal to list the values you want in your value list. The relationship between the layout's table occurrence (using the values in its current record) and the portal's table occurrence control what related records appear in that portal if it is unfiltered. The same is true for a conditional value list. The relationship (and data of the current record) of the layout's table occurrence and the value list's table occurrence control what values appear in the value list.


                    So listing values from All Equipment and then selecting: "Include Only Related Values starting from Bid Equipment Search" isn't going to work.


                    I can't see the relationship details that link "All Equipment" to other table occurrences, but am guessing that you have this:


                    Bid------ID-----SomeOtherTOHere------ID------All Equipment


                    If so, you may just need to list your values from Bid Equipment Search instead of All Equipment and then select "Include Only Related Values, starting from All Equipment". But that guess could easily be incorrect here.

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                      There is a direct link between the two. I separated them out to be more visible.

                      'Bid' and 'Bid Equipment Search' are the same table




                      I tried doing the value lists for Accessories, but it only brings up the categories. I figured that one would work easily, because it only has 2 value lists instead of 3 (with only 1 needing to be related to).

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                        The fact that two occurrences have the same data source table is not going to make what you set up work. It's the relationship between the specified table occurrences that control what happens.


                        Since your layout is based on Bid, you have to start from that original "context" and trace the relationships from that current record to see what you are going to get with a given relationship based conditional value list or portal set up.


                        Bid links to something by ID. That someting then links to All Equipment by ID (apparently). but none of your screen shots show that info. All Equipment 2 has nothing to do with your current conditional value list set up.


                        And what fields have data that should control what appears in this value list? From what table occurrence are they when you added them to your Bids layout?

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                          I tried directly linking the original 'Bid' to 'All Equipment', but it creates a loop. I just tried creating a new reference to stop that loop, but no luck either. Here is just the file itself as it is now (attached to this post).

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                            All I asked for was a shot of your relationships that showed How Bids connected to "all equipment".


                            Before I look at your file. What's the name of the layout where you are trying to use this conditional value list?

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                              the layout is "bid", and the tabs are 'equipment' and 'accessories'.


                              I kept changing the order of things in the relationships, which caused me to changed the names (which I appropriately changed in the value lists). Sorry I caused confusion with that.

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                                Let's leave "accessories" out of the discussion for the moment and focus on equipment.


                                You have three fields for selecting location, Make and Model at the bottom of the tab. They are fields defined in Bids and yet aren't used in any relationships to an occurrence of All Equipment.


                                Do you want this to be set up so that the user has to select a location, make AND model before they select equipment in the Equipment portal above these fields on the Equipment tab?

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                                  I tried matching ID to ID only and using cartesion, and it just brings up every item instead of based on what has been selected.

                                  That's exactly what a cartesian join is supposed to do. Obviously I misunderstood what your TO called ALL Equipment was meant to show—I assumed you used it to show ALL equipment.

                                  Philip doing his best to help you unravel things, so stick with him.

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                                    The selection in the portal is going to go away. That was there only because I needed to get the 'pricing' tab to work. They were connected, but I just threw them away to clean the slate (forgot to remove the 'All Accessory 2' connection).


                                    Once those 3 are selected, there will be a button for adding it ('the hard way', by manually going to the table through a hidden layout. I got this method working perfectly with my Inventory app).

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