Placing objects in narrow portal rows

Discussion created by JoeSand on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by keywords

I have a portal with the rows set as close as possible to minimize wasted space on the layout, and fields in the row that are set as narrow (top to bottom... short?) as possible.  It had always been my experience that as long as to top of an object is within the portal, then it is considered in the portal, and whatever protrudes below the row is cut off, but this doesn't seem to work all the time.  I just adjusted the horizontal position of a field slightly, then it was no longer in the portal.  I tried shifting it up and down a bit, still no luck.  Finally I had to make the portal rows wider so that the entire field would fit within it's boundaries and it took.  All this time, the rest of the portal row was populated with identically formatted fields that stayed in the portal.

I've battled with trying to get objects within portals before, and had them "pop out" also.  My question is, what exactly are the rules concerning objects being in portals?,