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Hiding plugin license keys

Question asked by ndveitch on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi there,


I need to find out if someone knows of a webinar that talks about hiding your plugin license keys? I was on youtube a few weeks back and I saw the presenter, it could be Matt Petrowsky or maybe Matt Navarre, as I have been going over the FileMakerMagazine clips trying to pick up tips. For the life of me I cant remember which youtube clip it was, but during the clip there was a 2 - 3 min side note about hiding a plugin key using the Developer Utilities. I remember saying to myself that I need to save the clip, but as you guessed I never did and now I need to hand over a system to my client and I would like to lock down the license key for the plugin's that I have used in their system.


If not, does anyone know if FileMaker has maybe done a webinar on this and if not, do you think it would be a good one to suggest to FileMaker because I never use the Developer Utilities and it would be nice to see some more info on using it.