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Can only connect to Dev server from 2 devices

Question asked by user27071 on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by user27071

Product and version FMS 15 (Dev license) - upgraded from 14 which had the same issue.

OS and version  Windows Server 2012

Browser and version N/A

Hardware  AWS Server



Hi all,


I have a beta demo for a client to check but I can't see the host list for my dev server from any device other than my PC & iPad 3. So far all other devices, same ip/network or otherwise, return: "Connection Failed". This is no good when I'm not at my home office, I can't demo anything.  It also means I can't develop (while hosted) from my Macbook air.


The server is hosted on AWS and I've tried amending changing security groups etc. I can ping the server from all machines, have switched off firewall on server, opted for permissive port forwarding but no devices other than my Dev machine an iPad can see the host list. Tested so far:

Windows 7 Dev PC - Pass

iPad 3 - Pass

Macbook Air - Fail

Second Windows 7 pc - Fail

Second iPad (new gen) - Fail


The above have been tested on the same network as those passed and different networks. Have also made sure there are no active connections when testing - I'm baffled.


How to replicate - attempt login via any other device


Workaround - None