'Undo' un-does multiple steps in layout mode

Discussion created by justinc on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by TSGal

I have noticed for quite a while that while in layout mode, certain combinations of moving layout objects around will cause a single 'Undo' command to revert multiple moves.  It is usually just the last two items, but I swear that I have seen it Undo more than two-steps back.


I think that it's limited to moves/repositions of layout objects - I don't recall if I have seen it undo formatting changes on multiple objects.


I have reproduced this in new empty files.


FMPA 15.03

OS X 10.11.6


Create a new layout (Theme = Enlightened)


In Layout mode:

add a text object, a button, and a shape

Drag the text object to a new location

Click on the button to select it, then use the arrow keys to reposition it

Press "cmd+z" to Undo

RESULT:  Both the text and the Button will move back to their starting positions, when only the button should move back.