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    How can I set up a portal that displays images for an end-user to select for a field?


      Hey guys,

      I work for a school district that has a program that simulates businesses in a Village so that kids can get an idea of what it is like to work, get paid, and purchase goods within that setting.


      Many of our businesses have small standalone databases, the kids use each day. At the end of the day, a new blank copy of the database is loaded for the kids to use the next day.


      I have been tasked to create a mock webdesign database.

      I have been able to get everything set up with the exception of my last hurdle.


      Currently the kids can select a business from a drop-down box, which automatically displays the name of the business and the business' logo. Then the kids can choose from 3 slogans for the business, which is then displayed. Next, I would like for the kids to be able to choose an image to be put on the "webpage" in a field. From what I have gathered, a portal is probably the best way to to this.


      My issue is... I haven't a clue how to get this to occur.

      I need the kids to be able to click on the portal and be presented with all the images (each in a separate container) so they can choose one and have it assigned to a "webpage" field.

      I have attached an image of what has been done thus far.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          You could create a pseudo drop down menu using a popover containing a portal with the options. You can include a picture in a portal row. This is not possible to do in a native Filemaker drop-down menu.


          You can also just show a portal with the same contents on the page and skip the popover.


          The contents of the portal would have to come from a related table. That table would have to contain the relevant data, one of which would be a container storing the logo you want to display.


          You ok creating relationships in Filemaker?

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            Be careful, or you will run into problems due to the "no portals may nest inside another portal" limitation.


            If the kids have a portal listing each business and clicking on a row selects the business and then displays a popover, that popover cannot then contain a portal as it would nest one portal inside another and FileMaker won't let you do that.


            You can, however, use a repeating field to list a small number of images for selection in that popover. Or you can place the popover button outside the portal of companies and use a regular button in the portal row to:


            Set a match field in the layout's current record that enables the popover button's portal to show the correct set of image records.

            Uses go to object to open that popover now that the portal can display the right images.


            You can make the actual popover button invisible with a Hide Object When expresion of: True -- which will always hide the button when in browse mode and yet go to object can still open the popover button's panel.