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    Cloud server Go Access


      I will be missing something simple, but I have uploaded a couple of my solutions made in 12 and 14 to my new cloud server. They work fine, but Although they are also visible via The go app, they won't open.



      I get 'File Error Could not be found'... I see the icons, but they won't open.  What have I missed? Is there a configuration I need to do to the file held on the server?

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          If you are using different accounts double check that you enable an Access Privilege to allow access using FMP/Go on the account you are using on FMGo.


          Also I suggest you check the FMGo re-authentication.

          Manage Security

          Select "Privilege Sets" tab

          Select the Privilege set of the account you are using to access the file, I suggest also setting up the  privilege set.

          One of the two "Go Only" selections should be checked.

          If you want to disable re-authentication then choose the (fmreauthenticate0) selection.


          Are you using Secure data, an SSL certificate?

          Did you enter the IP or the DNS name of the FMS? If DNS did you use the fully qualified name used in the Certificate?


          Do you have a startup script or On file/window/layout/record load script trigger that could be interfering with FMGo opening the file. For example using script steps not FMGo compatible.

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            Thanks, Ch0c0halic, Great of you to reply.



            So I am not trying to use a different account.

            If I sign in as another user, I get the same error. I set a new account with the privilege set you described. I still see the account in the Go Hosts the files I want are there, most open but, the two I'm having the problem with, show the icon, but I get Error The file "*** ***" could not be opened. (Not Found)



            At first, no reference to FMGo was visible but I can see it now.

            I have adjusted the privileged sets as you mentioned but to no avail.



            The server has an SSL, as I say I can get into the other files that I created from the starter solutions. But not these two files.



            how do I check the script files and make them Go compatible, and is that different from the old Go as it worked before?

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              Do you mean the AWS FM Cloud or some other cloud server?


              What version of FMS are you using?


              Which version of FMGo?


              Can you open the files with FMP? If so which version?

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                Hi bigtom, Yes it's new new AWS cloud server from Filemaker.


                FM Pro15 Advanced 15.0.3

                FMGo 15.0.4

                And yes they open no problem in FMPro advanced 15

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                  Anyone have a answer to my problem? PLEASE


                  I posted that FM Cloud server will alow my file to be opened in FM15 but FM Go 15.03 can't open the same file.

                  I get thsi Error The file "*** ***" could not be opened. (Not Found)


                  What am I doing wrong?

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                    Sorry, I don't have an answer. Just more questions.


                    Does this summarize the issue?

                    1. Other files on FMS open in both FMP and FMGo

                    2. Two files will open in FMP but not in FMGo

                    3. Files request account login

                    - They are being recognized by FMS as 'available'

                    4. Login fails but error is not about login but about File not be available



                    Possibly login worked and something happened after login.

                    So yes, it could be a script. Disable all startup and layout ScriptTriggers.

                    Could also be an attempt to open a file not available on FMS.


                    We can check both issues doing the following:

                    Take file off of FMS-Cloud and open locally.

                    A. create, and stay on, a new blank layout

                    B. Turn off file open ScriptTrigger

                    C. For additional testing create a new local security account with guest access.

                    D. close file and open again to make sure no scripts run and the file opens on the blank layout.

                    E. Check that it is the only file open. If it is not then Steps A thru D were not accomplished.

                    F. Put file back on FMS-Cloud

                    G. Open in FMP to make sure the file is back on line. Use new Guest access account. Verify blank layout and no other files are open.

                    H. open in FMGo


                    Report results!

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                      Hello, We could not reprodcue the issue you mentioned. Which version is your FileMaker Cloud?

                      Could you please send us the screen shot with error message and a test file? We will take a look.


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                        BTW, FileMaker Cloud does not support Guest Account.

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                          What is the file name? TSGal of FMI mentioned a file name issue with FMGo.



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                            True, per the 'Correct Answer' on this subject.


                            https://community.filemaker.com/thread/167211 <https://community.filemaker.com/thread/167211>



                            Create a reduced access account.

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                              Thank you chocohallc for your post!

                              I am able to reproduce the issue if the file name has a dot in it.



                              What is the file name you have? Does it contain some charts like dot? You can rename it if this is the case.



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                                That fixed it.  Thanks to everyone for their responses.


                                I was loosing the will, having tried everything. And it turns out it's a simple naming convention. This wasn't the case as we used the same v1.1 for the file since FM11


                                It turns out that although the file opened in FM15, when hosted on FM server cloud  FM Go will not allow the file to open.


                                So the answer remove the v1.1 decimal point to v11 or v20 if using FMGo on iCloud server

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