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Is it possible to use a variable to construct a file path in an external data source?

Question asked by ChicagoJay on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by ChicagoJay

I am running FMS 14.  I have a group of related databases that we've been using since FileMaker 5.  I updated them all to 14, and everything is still working fine. 


Every year, I shut down the databases (about 7 files), duplicate the files, then change the file names to reflect the new year.  So, they are named filea2017.fmp12, fileb2017.fmp12, filec2017.fmp12, etc.  For next year, I would duplicate those files, and rename them filea2018.fmp12, fileb2018.fmp12, filec2018.fmp12, etc. 


That's all fine.  The hard part is then digging into each of the databases, and changing the relationships to the new files.  Under FileMaker 5.5, I know there was no way to avoid it, because you could only point-and-click at the related file.  Once we upgraded to FileMaker 12 (and now 14), I see that one may type a URI to point to the related file.  Is there any kind of variable I can put into the URI in the relationship, such that once I change some kind of global or calculation field, all the relationships change?  In my example, I just change such a field from 2017 to 2018, and all the relationships point to the new files.


Any help is much appreciated!



Jay Duff

Mannheim School District 83

Franklin Park, IL