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    Error 102 - Field is missing on "Copy" Script Step




      I have a script on FM Pro 15 that is giving me the "Error 102 - Field is missing" error when using the "Copy" script step to copy the content of a field to the systems clipboard (see attached screen shot from the script debugger) . In this case, I have a text field called "CRE_CopyPasswordCurrent" which has a value in it. I put content in the field based on other logic (step #27 - see attached) and I can see the correct content in the Data Viewer for that field, but as soon as the next step is executes ( #28) to copy the content, I get the error and the Clipboard is empty when I paste it into another application. Can anyone shed any light as to why I'm getting this error and what I can do about it?


      Thanks in advance!