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    Report Summary




      I have a report sorted by category, and this works perfectly


      The only thing I was wondering if it is possible that FM creates a summary of the categories in the first page header, so I have an overview of all categories, and if I want the detail I can consult the report


      So that it looks like:



      Cat 1

      Cat 2

      Cat 3



      Cat 1





      Cat 2


      date2 and so on

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          Option 1: Use a portal in the header. This requires setting up tables, table occurrences and relationships but depending on the data already in your system, but can be made to work.


          Option 2:  Use a Field loaded with data from an ExecuteSQL query


          Option 3: if Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 are find criteria, you can set up a system where your criteria is copied to a global field and you put the global field into the header. A script could also loop through your data to copy info from your found set into such a global field in the header.

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            The List of Summary field type should also be considered as well.

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              I thought about that, but would think that it would produce a lot of duplicate entries in this context....