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File is not modifiable

Question asked by jeffsb on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by jeffsb

My small nonprofit organization has our FileMaker 14 program hosted by Triple8. So far they have done a credible job for us. Today I downloaded our program from their server and when I opened it to try some experimental modifications of the program I got the message, "This action can not be performed because file is not modifiable."


I contacted Triple8 by their support chat line and told them of the problem and they specifically downloaded the program themselves and opened it. I gave them a username and password. Triple8 reported back:


"I downloaded the file and made a small change to it. I closed it and opened it again. The change I made remained. I did not have any issues saving the file.......  WHatever is causing this does not appear to be related to the server or download from what I can tell."


I have full admin privileges and yet the downloaded copy will not permit any changes. I tried downloading it several times and each time get the same result. My desktop runs Windows 10.


Any suggestions? Any help with this would be appreciated!