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Discussion created by yomango on Apr 19, 2017
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Hello, everyone. I've read some similar postings but can;t find an answer to my question. I have a two portal screen from which I want to make a report, printing on top the first portal data and below the second portal. On the print screen (using the second portal table layout) I've placed the first portal on a sub summary, gave it a few rows to show and adjusted it to expand or shrink depending of how many rows of data are used. On the body, I placed the data from the second data (no problem here, since the layout is from the same table used on that portal). Each part has a column header bar (a bit of a problem showing and hiding the bar, but that isn't my problem). The problem is that if the first portal has to use more rows than rows optioned to show, I lose data. Then I heard about virtual listings but the first portal has container fields, and I do not know how to go about virtual listing them. This way is beyond me, so far. Last, I created an auxiliary table to import data from the two portals, but I can't import every thing into the same fields, I have to have different fields to receive from the first portal and the second portal. No problem here. Then I created a sub summary based on a flagged field that lets me know which fields are from which portal. Placed all fields on the body (portal 2 fields on top of portal 1 fields, using a "Hide Object when" Inspector option. For the columns header I used the same option). Everything works fine up to here. My problem is to force the second portal information to a new page so the column header matches the data. Years ago, I remember I could force a report to break, let's say ,when a new month, a new supplier, etc happened. But I can't do it on FM 15. I used all the break occurrences available for the sub summary. And that's my question. (Too long?) I appreciate any help.