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    Conditional Value List


      Hi All,


      I'm having a problem with creating a conditional value list that shows only the records in a table that are marked "available" via a radio button set on a related table layout.


      Basically I'm a yacht broker creating my own database as follows:

      1 VESSEL may be listed many times

      1 SELLER may have many listings --- Join table between the SELLER and VESSEL = LISTING

      1 LISTING may have many SELLERs--- Join table between SELLER and LISTING = LISTINGSELLERJOIN

      1 new contact LEAD may enquire about more than one LISTING  -- Join table between LEAD and LISTING = ENQUIRYJOIN


      Once a vessel has been sold, the LISTING "Active" field is marked "Sold" via a radio button set.  If this vessel becomes available for sale again, I create a new listing for the vessel and the "Active" field has an auto-enter data field that sets it to "Available".


      What I want to do is only show the "Available" LISTING in the ENQUIRYJOIN layout when a LEAD enquires about the new listing.


      I hope this all makes sense.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          What I want to do is only show the "Available" LISTING in the ENQUIRYJOIN layout when a LEAD enquires about the new listing.

          Since you don't want the user to select a "filter" value for the conditional value list, but only and always want "available" listings, this is what I call a "hardwired" conditional value list. A relationship can be used for this or a calculation field defined in the listing table can be used.


          See the "hardwired conditional value list" examples found in this teaching file:


          Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists


          In the resources section at the end, you'll also find a download link for a file that demonstrates more advanced methods that can be set up for selecting values from a list.


          (please check out the "geek busking" info on the introduction layout.)

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            Thanks Phil, you're a genius.


            That was so simple once I had the example in front of me.  In the end I used the calculation field only hardwired option.

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              Yes, I like that method too. For one thing, you can use a value list based on that calculation field on any layout in your file where the typical relationship based hardwired conditional value list only works from the context of a single table occurrence--which can force a developer to create multiple copies of the same CVL, but with different table occurrence references.