Importing text file and retaining quotation marks

Discussion created by rcmurphy@mac.com on Apr 19, 2017
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Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me with this issue.


I've imported a txt file with over 7 million records. Each record is imported into a text field and parsed into separate fields based on a field mapping document. Each record is expected to be 133 characters (with spaces, etc). I discovered that the mapping was off for a few hundred records, and later found (using the app 'Large Text File Read) that the affected records contained quotation marks that were removed during import.



Original record: 30195A4719 "Y SET" TUBING                     0000000000000000000000000...      

FMP imported record: 30195A4719 Y SET TUBING                     0000000000000000000000000...        


The elimination of these quotation marks shortened the character length from 133 to 131, and created a mess with the mapping. Is there something built into FileMaker that is removing these quotation marks during import? Is there something I can do to retain them?