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Two Machine Deployment - Active Directory Access needed in both server

Question asked by thiyagarajan on Apr 19, 2017
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1) FileMaker 15 Server (Master) Database Server - Within the protected Corporate network.

2) FileMaker 15 Server (Worker) Web Server - Within separate a DMZ network VLAN, accessible to the public internet via TCP port 80 & 443.


We are going to implement external active directory authentication with our filemaker application. Our AD is in internal corporate network. As per corporate policy Security, they will not allow DMZ server to use AD access. My question here is , Both servers ( DMZ and Internal ) needs active directory access when the user access through web direct , FM Client , iOS FM Go ?.


Can anyone clear me how we can achieve AD access also in Two machine deployment ( Web Server(Worker) in DMZ and Application(Master) in Internal) please?.