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    Server and Find & Replace Script


      I have an import script I want to run on Filemaker Server but just realized that find/replace isn’t compatible. I’m importing a CSV file and I have a find and replace that finds and replaces the following:


      Find “-“

      Replace “**”


      Find “20**”

      Replace “”


      What’s the best alternative that will work as a server side script?



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          You might consider using auto-enter calculations that does a character substitution as part of the import:


          Substitute ( Self ; [ "-" ; "**"] ; ["20**" ; "" ] )


          But maybe 20** is using the ** as wild cards? If so, then scratch this suggestion


          and if not, note that which substitution you do first could affect your results since the first replace adds ** that might then get cleared by the second replace.

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            "Replace Field Contents" is a choice work on PSOS.


            For attention, this can't change value if the imported found set have records locked by other user at the time.


            OTOH, auto-enter works through importing, but not only the time, further editting the field also fire it. You can change the behavior using condition something like

            Case ( Get ( some condition flag ) = <<some condition>> ; <<calc>> ; Self )