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Script CHECK, UNCHECKED Check Box and Vice Versa?

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by wow001

Hello everyone,


I am having a difficult time trying to figure and overcome this, relative simple, problem.

- And yes, I have already been going through the Forum, but couldn't find any exact answer to my question

[How to make a script CHECK an UNCHECKED check box?]



I have a Checkbox consisting of 8 values, each value based of ID's from a foreign table.

- See attached image.


Now, this Checkbox is naturally empty at first, but should end up consisting of 2 values.

- Only 1 Value from 1 of 4 of the Check Box values below "Industri"

- Only 1 Value from 1 of 4 of the Check Box values below "Sundhedsforsikring"


Say the Check Box consists of the 2 values; "Betjeningstilskud" and "Netto", but someday "Betjeningstilskud" changes to "Fast Honorar", although "Netto" remains.

The client then just pressed the newly value "Fast Honorar", which in the perfect world, depending on which type of branch - "Industri" or "Sundhedsforsikring", and the value "Betjeningstilskud", "Fast Honorar", "Procent af præmie" etc.,

UNCHECKS, "Industri", "Betjeningstilskud", sets "Industri, "Fast Honorar" and in the same time keeps/CHECKS, "Sundhedsforsikring", "Netto"


Likewise, if the case were to be changes on the Sundhedsforsikring.


Point is, only 1 value of each branch must be Checked at a time.


1. Retain current values in a $Variable

2. Uncheck the current checked value, depending on Branch

3. Check the new value, depending on Branch

4. Set the current value again, from other Branch


Is this even possible, and if so... How do I do it with a script?

I suppose it requires some hefty fiddling.

- I have already tried a little, but find it difficult.


Could anyone point me in the right direction.