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Question asked by hottonem on Apr 20, 2017
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I don't have to edit our FileMaker often so bear with my ignorance, please!


I have to enter quite a few invoices on a daily basis into our database, and I'd like to try and set up the invoice form to auto-enter some fields and save me time.


Basically, when I choose the location from a drop-down menu (which is text), I'd like the corresponding number fields of Customer ID, Cost Centre, and Fund Centre to populate.

New Invoice.PNG

Ex. If I choose "Location 1," I'd like the ID/Customer No., Cost Centre, and Cost Fund Centre fields to automatically populate with the data I've predetermined. Location 1 = ID 1, CC 1, and CFC 1. I've never used calculation fields before or have had to set up scripts, but from what I was trying (from reading the forums, nothing seemed to be working for me).

Field Calc.PNG

Going into Manage Databases - Fields - ID Number - Specify Calculation, I tried several things but always got error messages. I tried a few of the "Get" formulas, and thought maybe the "If" formula could work--but I'm obviously not doing them right. I either get the above error message, or one about not having enough "(" or ")" in my calculation.


Any help would be much appreciated! Again, I don't use calculations much at all so explanations would be wonderful. Just trying to make the day-to-day more efficient and prevent simple entering errors!


Thank you,