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    run Filemaker shared from Mac OS Server


      I would like to run a shared FileMaker solution (v15) open a Mac running macOS Server v5.  Are there any issues?

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          And how are you going to share it from that machine?


          From a shared volume? That's a really bad idea


          From FileMaker Pro? better, but not great


          From FileMaker Server? Best option, but research the system requirements before attempting to purchase and install.

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            It's highly recommended to NOT run filemaker server on a server that is performing other functions, such as user directories, DHCP hosting and file sharing.


            The issues you'll into is the system fighting for resources which would result in a performance loss, as well as potential security considerations, and functions for filemaker conflicting with ports used for other services (EG port 80). DIsk space will also become a consideration. Not sure what hardware you are attempting to run.