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    FileMaker and Tableau | Actions - Building Interactive Dashboards


      I can't believe it's been right under our noses for the longest time!


      If you use FileMaker and want to visualize your data with Tableau, then exporting to Excel and importing that into Tableau is one way to do this. Once you are in Tableau, and your visualization shows some trend that piques your interest, wouldn't you like to be able to dive back into your FileMaker data and see the underlying data regarding that trend?  If you've ever encountered this situation, read on.


      Tableau has a way to trigger actions, and FileMaker has this ability to trigger scripts using fmp url.


      This post "FileMaker & Tableau | Building Dashboards with Interactivity" shows you exactly how to do this.


      If you are integrating FileMaker and Tableau together, then this is going to be one of those techniques that you'll be frequently using.


      I have been delving into Tableau for some time now and more to say about FileMaker and Tableau at a later point. It is powerful that we can tightly integrate these 2 applications together as they complement each other.



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          Johan Hedman

          Thanks for the article. I thought we where not able to talk about Tableau and FMP until the release

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            You can do this now with Tableau and FileMaker 15. That is what I used.



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              You may refer people to Product Roadmap:

              (login required)

              The article has information for current methods. Before ESS, for example there were ways to use SQL and FileMaker (via ODBC). Reporting on these were for the product at the time, but had there been a road map saying "there will be..." we would have said to see the road map then.



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                Vince's article is referring to tableau's ability to use a trigger to call a url. Using an FMP URL you can have FM open and take you to the data that is represented in the viz.


                It's a very cool thing. While Tableau will show you a table of the data, to be able to go back to the original data set is significant.


                All stuff that has been possible since the FMP URL was introduced a few versions ago.

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                  Thanks Joshua,


                  With fmp url and Tableau actions, there are many possibilities. For example, the click on a mark, as Tableau likes to refer to it...  ( chart segment, pie slice etc ) could fire off the fmp url. However you might want to retain the ability to click, because tableau can use that click to also filter other related worksheets on your dashboard. Think of it like different portals. If you selected the region then, in an adjacent portal you could see the list of all customers in that region.


                  The other powerful thing you can do with tableau actions is that you can have them show up in a contextual menu and for one chart segment you can it provide you with a set of different search options. See example.

                  Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 7.48.50 AM.png


                  This is a huge deal if you think about the possibilities. So lets say you clicked on the Western region. For each contextual item it can execute an fmp url that have different set of parameters. So it could find all customers in the western region with sales over a certain value. Or have tableau show you a percentage of new customers in that region and then use that as another fmp url to see those new customers. Maybe all you want to do is see all sales that came in today. Again Tableau could should you a count of the number of sales for today. And you would have a way to link back into FileMaker to see the underlying data.


                  Lots of possibilities with Tableau Actions and FMP URL ... Building dashboards in Tableau can provide insight into your business, but having the ability to interact and drill into the underlying data, makes this a crucial component your dashboard. It amplifies the value of your dashboard.


                  In my opinion, if you are integrating Tableau with FileMaker, then this is a very powerful way to make a tight integration between these to platforms. And more exciting stuff on the way as mentioned in the roadmap.

                  Tableau Web Data Connector for FileMaker
 — Provide integration with Tableau Desktop using the FileMaker Data API to better visualize FileMaker data.

                  When I showed this to one customer that has been using Tableau and FileMaker, this is what they said.

                    ... I've been waiting for this for so long!

                  Again, all of this is possible now but more cool opportunities coming very soon.



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                    Now that FileMaker 16 is out you can use the Web Data Connector to extract your data out of FileMaker and bring it into Tableau. Plus with Tableau Server, you can schedule a refresh to update and changed or new data, thus keeping your dashboards up to date.


                    FileMaker 16 | A Match Made in Data Heaven!

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