FileMaker and Tableau | Actions - Building Interactive Dashboards

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I can't believe it's been right under our noses for the longest time!


If you use FileMaker and want to visualize your data with Tableau, then exporting to Excel and importing that into Tableau is one way to do this. Once you are in Tableau, and your visualization shows some trend that piques your interest, wouldn't you like to be able to dive back into your FileMaker data and see the underlying data regarding that trend?  If you've ever encountered this situation, read on.


Tableau has a way to trigger actions, and FileMaker has this ability to trigger scripts using fmp url.


This post "FileMaker & Tableau | Building Dashboards with Interactivity" shows you exactly how to do this.


If you are integrating FileMaker and Tableau together, then this is going to be one of those techniques that you'll be frequently using.


I have been delving into Tableau for some time now and more to say about FileMaker and Tableau at a later point. It is powerful that we can tightly integrate these 2 applications together as they complement each other.