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    Number format




      I want to be able to force users to enter a numeric value into a field, If i click 'Strict data type' it does not allow users to input decimals such as .25, is there a workaround for this?

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          On my computer you can enter a decimal with a strict data type of numeric only.  FileMaker Pro 15.

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            It does not pass the validation if you enter multiple periods like in an IP address.

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              If the decimal-sign on your computer is a comma: "," then you must be able to enter ",25" when the required data-type is number and strict, then ".25" (with a dot ".") will be rejected by the validation.


              I know of 2 easy work-arounds (there are surely more of them):

              1) In filemaker you can use a "OnObjectValidate" script-trigger on your entry-field to substitute the "." for a ",". Other script-triggers like "OnObjectKeystroke" could be used for that as well

              2) You could try to "tweak" your keyboard bij replacing the "." on your numeric-keyboard for a ",". On Windows I have used HotKeys (https://autohotkey.com) to achieve that.

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                You can also remove the strict data type and use an auto-enter calculation to correct the data entry such as:


                Filter ( Substitute ( Self ; "." ; "," ) ; -1,023456789 )


                clear the "do not replace..." option .