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Discussion created by sebastiaan on Apr 20, 2017
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Hi all,


First off all, hi I'm Sebastiaan. We are working with Filemaker Pro for some weeks now and we want to automate our workflows to save us time.


The products we sell are home cinema products and services. What we want is a simple solutions to sell our products with a customer, quotations, order, invoice, purchase system. The workflow we want is to duplicate an order from a quotation and a invoice from a order.


I read Filemaker Pro Basics, bought Filemaker Advanced and spent a lot of time watching video's, trying to build from scratch and trying to rebuild the starter solution Invoices. Filemaker works great and it is very intuitive. So we know what we want and in what kind of design but where to start?


Could someone please advise us how to start making a scalable ERP system with a correct database structure.


Thanks for your reply in advance