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      Sorry Guys, I am very new to this program and I hate to sound so dumb.


      I am trying to right a formula for one of my fields.  In plain language I need to charge tax, but only if the client is local to GA.


      so basically I need a cell that will say 


      IF ((state)) is GA multiply the ((parts total)) by .06


      or something to that affect.  Does anyone know how I should write a formula like that?


      Thank You!

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          If ( State = "GA" ; PartsTotal * TaxRate )


          You'll want to auto-enter the current tax rate of 0.06 into the TaxRate table from a global field or table of tax rates at the time you create the record in which this calculation is performed. That way, tax rates can change in the future and you can update the tax rate without either redesigning this calculation and without calculating incorrect tax amounts in past records where the rate was different.