Container Export on FileMaker Go - Intermittent issues

Discussion created by user22862 on Apr 20, 2017

I have FMS 15 running on windows 2012 server ( m4.Large 100gb SSD drive ) and it hosts 3 files.


Desktop performance is great, as is live connection for iOS. Obviously signal strength, and the size of the file in the container will play a role in the export speed, I understand this. Also None of the photos tested had ever been opened or added from the test device, and this issue is happening on each iPad I have tested. Desktop is instantaneous and same export script.





Symmetrical fiber 30:30

iOS 10.3.1 ( same on 10.2.2 )

FileMaker Go 15.0.4

iPad Pro 12.7, iPad Air 1, iPad air 2, iPad 4th Gen

MackBook Pro early 2013 10.12.4

m4.Large 100GB SSD EC2 Leased Instance


Containers stored externally and unencrypted






ONLY in FileMaker Go Some containers (.JPG ) of varying sizes ( .8MB - 2.2MB ) take over 30-60 seconds of spinning wheel, where other photos of same, or larger size have a 3-6 second spin at most.






1. Added a field that is auto enter, for the file size of the continer, as I originally believed it was size related issue. While larger ones do take longer, its more proportionate to the file size. Meaning a 2MB file took twice as long as a 1MB file as expected. Issue is that we are talking 10x's as long.


2. While waiting on export that I first started on an iPad Pro 12.7, wheel spinning for 20 sec or more for a 1.5MB file, I exported from a MacBook pro, exact same photo, ( also never opened or loaded on the laptop before ) and it was 1-2 seconds.


3. Tried eliminating a relationship, and exporting directly from DOCUMENTS table, and still, some work really well, and some hang for a long time.


4. Tried vie LTE and same office connection ( 30:30 ) as the laptop


5. Backups run at 30 min intervals, and I paused for my testing. No noticed difference.





Run from Contact table, on portal row holding the container the user wishes to export.


Set Variable [ $PATH ; Value: Get(TemporaryPath) & GetContainerAttribute ( T05i_contacts_DOCUMENTS||id_contact|::Document_Container ; "FileName" ) ]



Export Field Contents [ T05i_contacts_DOCUMENTS||id_contact|::Document_Container ; “$PATH” ; Automatically open ]