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    CWP + WebDirect


      Hi all,


      Currently I have a solution that is available through WebDirect (I am running the solution on a trial version of FM Server). I am looking to minimize the number of WebDirect licenses that we will need to purchase. A possible solution is to implement a PHP CWP form for direct input into the database. Basically, this would be scheduling related-- a database user would receive an email with an ID number that they would input in to the CWP form prior to filling it out. I am wondering if it is possible for users to access the database file with WebDirect and CWP at the same time. Are there any caveats here?



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          In most cases, authentication for CWP is done via a single user (EG CWPuser) account, this is so you can statically store the connection info in a single file that is then used universally for access on your site.


          Adding user authentication for per user would require a lot more complex development.


          A middle-of-the-road alternative would be to use a single account for authentication, but then have table based user account management on the filemaker side, so you could query the accounts table and use it. Darren's Accounts module is a good demonstration of that:



          For CWP purposes, the account connection is purely transactional (meaning it's only "connected" when the web application is sending or receiving data, otherwise disconnected). But to answer your question directly, yes, the user will be able to connect using two different methods and the same account; BUT, they will count as two connected users, at least for the brief instance that CWP connects.

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            Great, thanks Mike. Very helpful response!