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    PDF export issue : 6 pages instead of 2 (4 bad ones)

      Hi everyone,

      I have an issue when I export a PDF file on Filmaker :

      I create a page that I need to export to a PDF file.

      It size is :

      So, I guessed it's while be export in 2 pages, but it's export in 6 pages ! The first and the second pages are perfect, but after that there are 4 pages really strange, without graphic and data...

      I put in the attachment the pdf file.

      I don't understand what is wrong ? Could someone help me please?


      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,


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          Go to your layout and enter layout mode.

          Open Print set up and select both the custom page size and the appropriate orientation (landscape or portrait).

          Select "Page breaks" from the View menu


          You'll now see a vertical black line and (I predict) several horizontal black lines. Layout objects to the left of the vertical line will print. Objects to the right cannot be printed. Objects or empty space below the horizontal black line will print on the next page. From this view, you can edit your layout and resize the layout parts to control how many pages are used to print a single record. Note that if even one pixel of your layout extends below the page break, you'll get an extra page in your output.


          Also note that when you use Save As PDF or print, you have two key options: Records Being Browsed and Current Record. If you select Records Being Browsed, all the records in your found set are used to produce the printed or PDF'd document. Thus some blank records in your found set also might produce those extra pages.